Egyptian Collectables


WOODEN ITEMS, OIL BURNERS, with diferent scents,... and much more....

Themes that reflect the Egyptian atmosphere


Unique handmade colourful Oil Burner, sold with a light candle, and two bottles of scents oil-

Fine Set of Pyramids, made from copper with engraved fne paintings on the three sides of each one. Set available in 3 sizes., wholesale prices available, no minimume orders

Unique Jewelary boxes, with different sizes, and shapes.. made of the best kinds od wood, and decorated with mother of the pearl and other preciouse and half preciouse stones

Handmade Colourful pens, covered with beards or thread (available to make any desired design)

A Pharonic Playing Cards, with unique Designs, quality CLass A Papyrus,with colourful pictures

Celebrate the new year with a Pharonic Papyrus Calendar, with great colourful designs, and real papyrus papers